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Dec 30, 2012 7:00am PST
paul ryan, is everybody going to be okay with that? yeah. >> i had my favorite moment of the debates. when he screamed in his face, oh, so now you're jack kennedy. that was the moment where it use like oh, this is like when you are talking to your dad and he turns around and says enough out of you. joe biden put that boy in his place. it reminded me of kathy bates. >> the part where she hits it car. >> he just spanked the guy. it was fantastic. the jack kennedy line was epic. it was my favorite line of the debate. >> i went into the debates cynical. biden is not going to say anything to paul ryan. he said that line and i was like oh! he said it! >> part of the reason this was happening is because we were so sad on the left after the first one. we just have to take a look at president obama during that first debate. it was -- it was a sad moment. the reason we were so excited about biden, what was going on there? >> i'm glad we had the sad drama. it sound tracked to 2012. i feel like biden is like a fun dad but then was able in the debate to get away with being angry dad. he's like fu
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am PST
are aspiring to run for something bigger like paul ryan have a bigger ip sensitive, too. and right now, boehner wants to get re-elected speaker, and so he is trying to walk away from the deal as much as possible to not jeopardize the speakership. so he has technically thrown it to the senate. constitutionally it has to go through both houses. >> just constitutional ly. minor detail. >> and boehner is constitutionally dammed because he is getting out of it and burned too much. so if reid and mcconnell can get through the deal that is not filibustered, they have to amend a bill in the house that extends the tax cuts for everybody, and gut that bill, because it has to emerge from there, and then fill it, and hope and pray that boehner can find 30 republicans to vote for it. >> that is the story that you feel when the president is saying that ordinary american citizens can not understand what is happening here and why we can't when there is such broad agreement that we don't want taxes to go up on households under $250 and social entitlements that we need there, and we can't get an agr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2